Astounding Features

With Ultra Advanced technology and superior  functionality, Shield 360 products give best in class security for homes, apartments and small businesses.

Discover the secret of securing your fort with the best in class security products for unbelievable price that is a fraction of what your neighbors  may be paying.

Own the system with No Contracts

With just $289 upfront, You own the system. There is no annual contract and  no strings attached. If you are not satisfied, you can dicontinue any time.

Free Mobile APP - Control System Remotely

With Shield 360, you get Smartphone APP absolutely  FREE. Take charge of your home security remotely from anywhere in the world. Stream live surveillance any time.

Day Night Protection

With two alarm mode you will be safe both in day or night. In “Home” mode, only entry points get active while when Away, all sensors such as motion detector, activate.

Self Monitoring Option

Shield 360 is the only company that provides its customers an opportunity to save by monitoring yourself. You pay ZERO montly charges and avail huge savings.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee 

We are so confident of our product and service that you can try us risk free for 30 Days. If you are not happy with our services, all you money back.

SMS Text and Email Alerts   

Get notified via text or email when anything happens at your home. So you`ll know when anything happens, whenever happens. .

Portable System - Uninstall and re-install

Shield 360 systems are simple to uninstall and can be removed with ease. Once system is active, Re-installing the system is as simple as counting 1 to 10.

24/7 Professional Alarm Monitoring

For less than 50 cents a day, we gurantee total peace of mind. Our 5 Diamond Center Station makes sure that you get the best Alarm Monitoring available.

FREE Advanced Remote Features

Not only just   just remortaly Arm/ Disarm your system, but access  system settings  from anywhere. Get Full Event History, Push Notifications and so much more.

Advanced Smoke and Fire Detection

Intrusion is not the only concern when it comes to home security.  You need to cover the risk from within and we cover that as well.

Power Outage Protection

Shield360 protects you even if there is power outage. Thanks to Li battery, it can run 24 hours without power. It sends power outage notifications on your smartphone.

3 years extended Warranty 

All our security systems are backed with 3 years of extended warranty. Get ultimate Quality  assurance and total peace of mind.

Pet-Friendly Motion Detection

We are pet friendly, and that’s why our sensors don’t go off with pets around. We understand that they too are a part of your family.

Quick Wireless Setup

All our systems are completely wireless and need no wired setup. So there is no drilling holes and setup takes barely no time..

Incredible savings with Shield 360. Compare yourself

We are pet friendly, and that’s why our sensors don’t go off with pets around. We understand that they too are a part of your family.

We take pride in our product being one of the most afordable security systems in the country. Unlike most of our competitors who make you sign a contract, we are confident on our product and hence have no contracts.

With our products, you pay as low as $289 a month and self monitor for free. Monitoring is just $14.69 with $99 setup fee. All systems come with one time installation for $69.


Shield 360



Grand Alarm

Monthly Charge


$ 25

$ 32

$ 30

One Time Cost

$ 289










NO Contact




Own or Lease





Mobile App


$ 50 + 2.95/ mth


$ 2.99/ mth

Total Cost (3 Yr)

$ 358

$ 1056.2

$ 1251

$ 1187.64



$ 698

$ 893

$ 829