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Additional accessories can be bought to subplement or enhance the current packages. With all accessories backed by 3 year warrently, mix and match them to create your own security system.

$ 34.95

Contact Sensor (Doors and Windows)

Used to monitor doors and Windows. It's advisable to cover all entry points especially the ones on the main floor and basement.

$ 49.99

Motion Detector

Used to detection movement, this small equipment cover the entire room within 30 feet.

Pet friendly, it intelligently ignores small animals and pets.

$ 59.95

Smoke Detector

Triggers when fire is smoldering. With inbuilt high dB siren and instant contact to the monitoring station or self-monitoring APP, Must for saving life and damages.

$ 24.95

Keychain Remote

Works just like your car’s key fob. You can arm/disarm your system when you are within 100ft of your Base Station.

$ 59.95

Hi dB Flashing Siren

3X Sound of the Base Station, this 105 dB siren is definitely the burglar blaster. Highly recomended to have one.

$ 169.95

Cloud IP Camera

One of the most advanced Cloud Camera, this system captures and stores all the Data in Cloud, i.e in a remote server. Captured data is always secured, even if burglar destroys, damages or removed the camera.

Loaded with advanced features, the camera can be programed to look away when you are at home, making sure your privacy is maintained.

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