360 Smart Plus                        Only $998

This is an expanded 8 Pcs Set that covers most semi-detached as well some detached houses. A fire protection sensor covers from risks within.

What's Included?

Base Station

1 Unit

Motion Detectors

                1 Unit

Contact Sensorts - Doors and Windows

3 Units

Smoke Detector

1 Unit

Keychain Remotes

2 Units

Yard Warning Sign

               1 Unit

Door- Window Stickers

2 Units

Self-monitoring - Monitor your security system yourself and save. Incase of an alarm, the system will notify your phone with the App. In Addition, it will also send pre-recorded calls to upto 3 numbers


per month

$49 Set-up

Interactive - With our 5 Diamond Certified monitoring centers, you are always covered. Monitoring agents will guard your home like a hawk. 

At half the price of our competition, it is a steal.


per month

$99 Set-up

Installation  additional at $69 one time

*Warrenty - 1 year included. Upto 3 years extended warrenty at $24.99 per year


With Shield360, you can choose 24/7 professional monitoring for less than half the price what traditional companies charge. Our 5 Diamond Certified monitoring station provides the best monitring possible.

Monitoring is completely optional—there are no annual contracts (start, stop, change plans anytime!):

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